Misplaced Priorities

We ate watermelon down by the water and watched the geese and the boats. 

We also watched numerous parents playing on their smartphones and ignoring their young children. I may be wrong, but I thought those kids looked rather dejected. Sad, really. A beautiful location with the apple of their eye and they'd rather check their timeline. 

I shouldn't worry, though. It won't be long until those kids are in their own little worlds, using smartphones and tablets whilst their parents bemoan the fact that their children don't listen to them or do them the courtesy of paying attention whilst they are being spoken to.

Walluf Harbour Tom Otomcio

Walluf Harbour Tom Otomcio

Untouched by Man and Machine

Nature is an amazing force, but it recently occurred to me that, whilst I have been to many beautiful places, all of them have been sculpted by humankind to some extent. I'd love to see somewhere truly untouched by man and machine. Any suggestions?

Tom Otomcio : Germany : Rheingau
Tom Otomcio : Germany : Rheingau

Tom Otomcio : Germany : Rheingau

Tom Otomcio : Germany : Rheingau

Tom Otomcio : Germany : Rheingau
Tom Otomcio : Germany : Rheingau

Tom Otomcio : Germany : Rheingau

Montacute House

The stately homes of Britain are a joy to behold. And if you visit a National Trust owned one, then there's always a nice piece of cake to go with your visit. I recommend the carrot cake. 

But imagine wandering around these places without the other visitors. You could really explore the place, every nook and cranny. You could open every door and gaze out of every window. There would be nobody to tell you not to touch or to stay behind the red rope. What a taste of history you would have!

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Best of Friends


Taken in a bric-a-brac store in Somerset, England. I wish I had the house space for things like this.

Burrow Mump

We reached Burrow Mump just before sunset and scrambled up the slope to the ruined church at the top.

One raised piece of land in an otherwise flat landscape. We could see for miles.

Kochbrunnenplatz (Wiesbaden)

An area of hot springs and beautiful architecture, where the rich enjoy the view from their windows and the homeless enjoy the warmth of the hot springs.

Smokey Valley

When we're cold we turn on the radiator. 

When people in the countryside in many parts of the world are cold, they bring in some wood and build a fire. They know where their fuel comes from and they create an atmosphere around that. 

The air was cool and the smell of wood smoke wafted up the valley. Then I turned around and went back inside and sat by the fireplace.


It's a rare sight when the addition of a car makes a scene look better. I can think of a few but not many. 

Maybe in 50 years' time everything in this scene will fit, but until then, I wish those cars hadn't been there. 

But I'd like to live in a colourful house. I wonder if my landlord is open to the idea.

Mr. Kot

I thought he was my friend, but then he bit and scratched me and acted like nothing had happened.

You can never truly trust a cat.

Everyone is the Same

It doesn’t matter where they’re from, people carrying things in their hands almost always push open their front door with their foot.

See how the paint is worn away?

Pushed gently with their foot to start with, then shoved hard so the bags don’t get knocked as the door swings back towards its frame.

I wonder how many times this door has been pushed open with a foot?

Disused Farm Building

There was no way we weren't going to stop at this disused farm building. We'd seen it from the road on our way into the town nine days earlier and had agreed to stop off on our way back home to Germany. 

We didn't go inside. Apart from anything we were on flat land and observable from the long, hedgeless road. It had probably been cleared out anyway. 

I wonder when it was last used for its original purpose and what will happen to it in the future?

In case you hadn't guessed, these photos were taken about six months apart.